A Not So Gentle Reminder

This morning I woke up feeling great. In fact, I had every indication that it was going to be another epic day. That is, until I got a not so gentle reminder of how fragile the lower back can be. I was frozen, mid motion, by a sharp pain, as I bent over to brush my teeth. I eventually regained some mobility after performing a modified stretch routine and light workout. However, I had to be ever more cautious as I embarked on yet another packed day.

Apart from the intermittent pain, my morning progressed smoothly. I was concerned about preparing the planting area, but surprisingly I was able to do this almost effortlessly, even though I had to dig, carry and apply compost. All was going great up to this point, almost like the calm before the storm.

As evening approached, I prepared for transplanting. Surprisingly, I was able to manoeuvre with ease. However, I didn’t not let my guard down. By the time the alarm sounded, I was almost finished. I was not going to push it, so I decided to leave the extras for another time.

With this task, more or less, behind me, I can now focus on the broiler coop once again. I have a lot of work ahead of me, for which I am grateful. However, I will be mindful of the little issue with my back, which I expect to be sorted out in a day or two. I can’t tell the future, so let’s see what surprises tomorrow holds.