All Is Not Lost

The week was off to a bumper start once again, until it hit a bit of a snag, which derailed plans for the latter half. The events that unfolded acted as a strong reminder of how little really is in my control. Even though I was quick to accept the situation for what it was, I was not spared the mental drain imposed on me by the daily uncertainty.

On the bright side, I was able to get most of my supplies delivered to my doorstep. This saved me from possible injuries and hours of down time. Surprisingly, this did not cost as much as expected, and I’m not complaining.

In hindsight, I could have made even better preparations, with regards to the chicks. Undoubtedly, the main issue had to do with me not having a suitable box to carry them home, if they arrive after 4pm. After I realised that the onus was on me, I sourced a box and now have it waiting, for whenever the chicks arrive.

Thankfully, all was not lost. I made use of this time by catching up on my studies, and writing daily screenplays, as a form of practice. I was a bit amazed by the outcome, so much so, that I alotted even some of my “free time” to these new activities.

In the upcoming weeks, I intend to regain my focus on my tasks once again. I have lost some momentum, but I figure with some effort, I’ll be able to meet the terrace prep and planting deadlines. Now it’s time to give that last lap push.