All Was Not Lost

After two weeks of waiting and an awesome start to the day, the chicks were on their way; or so I thought.

Unfortunately, Murphy had a thing or two to say about that.

Not quite as planned

Thanks to last night’s rain, I got a head start on my daily tasks, which were done in a jiffy.

With time to spare, I did some additional prep work in the chicken coop.

By midday, all was prepped to welcome the new chicks.

Rice and peas

While waiting for the call, I took some time to do my writing assignment.

Initially, I had a bit of a hard start; so many ideas, but still no story.

Then I started to reflect on conversations, which I had with a friend and the mail man, a few minutes prior, then added a bit of a sci-fi twist.

The final story is strangely funny, with a spooky punchline, which depends heavily on comedic timing.

I really enjoyed both writing and rereading this screenplay. I got a nice idea for a future shot films series, without any central theme, just fun in the moments.

A bit of a disappointment

After waiting a few hours, I called the agent for an update.

To my dismay, I was informed that the chicks were not arriving today and that I was expected to pay the difference to “confirm my order”.

I was a tad bit irritated, especially since this “difference” was as a result of a price change, on an order I had already paid for in full.

However, I was not going to allow $30 (~$11 USD) to prevent me from receiving an order I placed over 2 weeks ago.

The real cost of the trip to town

Surprisingly, I was not tired when I got back from my trip to town. At least not physically.

I completed my afternoon tasks without a hitch.

Unfortunately, I ended up having to scrap my initial blog idea for today. I was stuck!

Thankfully, I was able to talk to a friend for a few minutes, which gave me a slight reset, allowing me to “pen” this entry.

However, I encountered one little problem, I cannot account for about 1 hour this afternoon.

Final thoughts

While today didn’t go anything as planned, all was not lost. I am thankful that I was able to keep focused and get some tasks done.

Even more so, I am grateful for my friend who, while frustrated by her assignments, took a few minutes to chat. Thank you!