Which Aspect Of The Business Should I Give Priority?

After a pretty nice harvest, I started to brainstorm the possibility of integrating my business ideas. However, I quickly realised how limited I am in time and other resources.

I can see the end product in my mind already, but I have to be focused enough to get there.

In light of this, I decided to weigh the pros and cons of each idea, from the point at which I am now, using the events of today as a guiding post.

Does The Farm Show Potential For Sustainable Growth?

I spent the morning harvesting and packing items, to fill orders. I was even able to give additional goodies to my customers.

Over the last few months I have been able to significantly improve the procedures for growing both vegetables and poultry.

Unfortunately, there has been a change in the market, due to the pandemic and all that it entailed.

Lately, there has been a major decline in the demand for vegetables, since many people have started their own gardens. Added to this, is the unreliable supply of broiler chicks, which accounted for the majority of my revenue in the previous months.

These challenges pose a major obstacle to the sustainability of the the farm, which is not surprising based on the history and nature of the local industry.

I need to put measures in place to mitigate future risk, if this project is to truly achieve sustainable growth.

However, amidst all this chaos, it is still generating a weekly income, albeit small, but just means that there is room for development.

Should I Focus Only On Film Production?

As I start to prepare my 1st assignment, I kept thinking of possible ways to monetize my video productions. One of the major issues I came up with was the cost of making consistent screenplays.

I know that there is a demand for videos, and with more and more people going online seeking information and entertainment, the opportunity is there and ever growing.

Unlike other products, it is virtually impossible to quench the desire for more information and entertainment.

My aim would be to make it attractive, enough build and retain a satisfied audience.

Initially, I will have to finance the productions out of pocket. However, as time passes I am confident that I can leverage the created content.

From an objective standpoint, I am not in a position to go all out with film production.

However, I can set aside time daily to create a series of material, which I can use when the suitable time comes.

Final Thoughts

After taking an objective view of my situation, it is clear that the completion of the farm prototype deserves to take priority at the moment. I am grateful for the bountiful harvest, but lately I have failed to market my products.

Even in its incomplete state the farm continues to provide revenue, which makes everything else possible.

Moving forward, I intend to pay closer attention to developing the farm prototype. However, I will keep the 80:20 rule in mind and reserve some time daily towards my film studies and the development of the film business.