Be Grateful For All Experiences

Today, I had yet another successful harvest. It was a bit smaller than usual, but the customers were extremely appreciative nonetheless, which made my day. After the delivery, I was a bit grounded, awaiting updates about the chicks, which did not come. However, all was not lost.

I tried to make the best use of this down time by writing my daily screenplay. Surprisingly, I was able to complete a three page script, which just so happened to feel almost like the prelude to the one I wrote yesterday. I really want to see where this story is going. I may even submit for my assignment, after I get enough material.

At a point during the day, I realised that I ought to be truly grateful for all experiences in my life; even the not so pleasant ones. In hindsight, each one attempted to draw out qualities from within me, which were necessary for my development. At the time of the particular event however, the benefits were hidden within these challenges. Screenplay writing allows me to draw from these experiences and render them any which way I see fit; even if it’s just on paper.

The end of yet another month is almost upon us, so this is as good a time as any to double up. It’s going to be a long weekend; holiday on Monday, with a long list of tasks in the pipeline. Not sure whether the chicks will be in by tomorrow or next week. Either way, I already have every thing in place to welcome them. I’ll try to get enough rest tonight, I have a feeling I’m going to need it.