Beyond My Allotted Time

Since last night, I knew that today was going to be eventful, but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the day I had. At this point, you’d think nothing, around here, could surprise me, but it just keeps getting stranger every time.

Section 4 Finished!

After my morning routine, I went to the garden to do some terrace work. Initially, the sky looked a bit threatening, which made it nice and cool. So, I pushed on.

By the time I started work on the last part, the sun was blazing hot. This drained me out. However, I had decided that it was about time to finish this task, which I did. Whew!

Can’t Remember Planting Daikon Radishes

I decided to pick some radishes on my way back. I was pleased by the harvest, but surprised by one in particular. I got a 8″ radish!

I am not sure why it grew that long, but this made me wonder if carrots would grow equally as well, in this soil. I think it’s an experiment worth trying.

The Unwelcomed Visitor Is Back!

While I was inside cleaning the radishes, my chickens started to make a ruckus. When I looked outside, I saw the black and white bull eating mangoes under the tree, staring at the garden. I hurriedly put on my boots and escorted it across the river. I’m getting much better at this now. It had no indication of being tied, and the owner was no where in sight.

As the day progressed we had to repeatedly chase it back to the other side of the river, before it eventually got the point. I won’t be surprised if it returns tomorrow though, since it seems to have gotten a taste for the grass, on the property, next to my garden.

Screenplay Is Taking Shape

This afternoon, I decided to play around with the scripts a bit. To my surprise, they formed a nice little story. With a few tweaks here and there I may very well have a winner.

All fun and jokes aside, I still have quite a lot of work to do, if I intend to submit this play, as my class assignment. For one, I noticed a need for two bridge sequences, which will ultimately be integrated into two of the scenes. I’ll keep up with my daily writing, never sure what the outcome might be.

Another Late Night

After all that went down today, I’m not surprised that I’ve gone far past my bedtime. However, I’ll gladly give a few minutes, in order to get back on track. I am fully aware of what happens when I set up too late, so I’ll make every effort not to over do it.