From Uncertainty To Clarity

After a week of uncertainty, I was determined to keep focused and not get sidetracked by unforseen circumstances. Needless to say, they are called unforeseen for a reason. Nothing could … Read more

Cherries Are Ready!

Today, I was debating whether I should take it easy or not. However, on closer examination of the lettuce seedlings, it was clear that I needed to act fast. The … Read more

Embracing The Downtime

The consecutive task filled days and back to back late nights, took their toll on my body big time. Long story short, there is a time for work, but today … Read more

One Task At A Time

This morning, I woke up feeling tired and a bit on edge; constantly looking outside. I felt a lot better, after completing my morning workout. Just as I was about … Read more

Beyond My Allotted Time

Since last night, I knew that today was going to be eventful, but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the day I had. At this point, you’d … Read more

Striking A Balance?

Had a 10 minutes delay to start the day, but kept building from there. I was able to complete the morning routine with enough time to sneak in a 40 … Read more

All Is Not Lost

The week was off to a bumper start once again, until it hit a bit of a snag, which derailed plans for the latter half. The events that unfolded acted … Read more