Building On Previous Work

This morning, I woke up feeling like I was hit by a train, trampled by horses, then beaten with a stick. However, I was determined to get something done; small as it might be.

After eventually completing my morning tasks, it was clear that any additional form of labour intensive tasks was off the table, so I decided to work on the books. It was refreshing to look over the record sheets. They tell a story of how far the project have come for the year. This also acts as motivation to get up and get working; just not today.

Being the first day of the month, I also needed to work on my plan for this period. Initially, I figured I would have to start from scratch, but based on some observations I realized that I could modify previous plans. For instance, I noticed that the Dill, planted in section 2, had acted as a trap plant for aphids and thereby protected the cabbages, which I started to harvest yesterday. I also have to make slight modifications, since the lettuce, planted in the shadow the Basil, did not fair so well.

This month I also plan to document instructions on each task. I already started this, but since I now have a clear list of tasks, I am in a better position to complete this document. This is a critical step in systematizing my project, one I intend to finish within this second quarter.

Even though today was off to a slow start, I am glad I got the opportunity to rest and center myself. Now I have a much better idea of my plans for the month ahead. It’s now a matter of taking action to get things done over the next few weeks. Knowing that I do not have to build from scratch, but can build on what was done before, is definitely a plus.