Cabbages Are Ready!

This morning, I noticed that the leaves of the cabbages had started to peel backwards, exposing their hearts. I’m no cabbage expert, but they seem to be inviting me to harvest them. A quick look at my records confirmed my suspicion. Salad anyone? This week’s basket will be beautiful!

Thanks to the rain, I did not have to water plants. This allowed me to spend a bit more time transplanting. I was able to complete section 3. I’ll use the extra seedlings to fill in any spaces I find in the other sections. I figure I’ll make some time to do so this weekend after tidying up the beds.

Today I was a bit tired, but despite this I was still able to get stuff done. I believe one of the main reasons for this is my determination to complete the tasks on the list. However, I am aware that this tiredness is due to lack of sleep. If I intend to get back on track, I’ll need to get to bed earlier.

My eyes are literally shutting down now as I type, and it is only after 6 in the afternoon. Guess as much I’m now paying for the few nights I stayed up past my bedtime. Talk about a crazy recoil! I’m not going to play stubborn, will start preparing for bed as soon after I publish this entry. With enough sleep, I figure I’ll be back to myself by next week.