Work Less To Achieve More?

With a title like “Work Less To Achieve More“, I’m sure you wondering if I’ve finally lost it. It’s a concept that is so way out there, that is often mistaken by some as an excuse to be lazy. However, it actually makes a lot of sense. Let’s face it, the rewards of working harder … Read more

The Sneaky Adversary Within

I felt like calling this post “Confession Of A Chronic Procrastinator”, but then I waited a bit too long… See what I did there? Ok, so that was a lame joke. All fun and games aside, I have always had an issue with putting things off, usually until the last moment. While I have a … Read more

New Approach To “Projects”

There are so many lessons to learn while spending time in nature that it’s almost humbling, to say the very least. From the time I first pitched my business idea, as part of the Young Innovators Challenge, it has been like one continuous series of events, to get everything up and running. Over the last … Read more

Opportunity Or Distraction In Disguise?

A few days ago an opportunity of a lifetime fell into my lap? Well, more like, it was sent to my phone. Basically, I got another chance at grant funding for a project; which very nature encompasses the criteria to qualify for the funding. That’s great! It’s how the project got started after all. “Free … Read more

Escaping The Snare Of Perfectionism

Over the last few days, I fell back into the trap that have cripple so many of my previous attempts at blogging. Whether you call it paralysis of analysis, perfectionism, or even procrastination, at the end of the day, I did not get my thoughts down on paper. So, I’ve decided to just put all … Read more