A Few Changes Over The Next 30 Days

After yet another late night, I spent most of the day brainstorming possible solutions to my time management issue.

While doing this, I came across a few major issues with my current business structure.

Frankly speaking, it is not scalable or far from sustainable, in its current state.

I have however, decided on some changes, which I intend to implement within the next 30 days to address these issues.

Overhaul Of The MicroFarm Network Website

While I enjoy blogging daily, I have been more or less neglecting the development of the business website.

This was due in part to ambiguity in my vision for the business.

However, I now see the potential to use that website as a platform to provide information on organic farming, regenerative agriculture and sustainability on a whole.

The Development Of A Film Platform

In light of my return to my formal filmmaking journey, I though it would be fun to document my progress, projects and share some of the tips I’ve learned, over the years.

I believe that this will serve as a means to connect and collaborate with other aspiring film makers, while hopefully, allowing me to fund my studies and future film projects.

I will not spread myself too thin and focus on developing one site at a time.

Complete Make Over Of JulienKirton.com

I have not forgotten about this website; it is the hub of everything after all.

JulienKirton.com will continue to serve as my “Journal” with a weekly entry reviewing the progress made in my various projects.

The site will also focus on online business development and related topics geared towards success in business and life on a whole.

Final Thoughts

I am actually quite pleased by the outcome of the brainstorm session.

It made me truly reflect on what was going wrong and produced a much more sutainable solution.

The next 30 days will be quite a challenge, but if I intend for my business to grow, change is inevitable.