Cherries Are Ready!

Today, I was debating whether I should take it easy or not. However, on closer examination of the lettuce seedlings, it was clear that I needed to act fast.

The Time Had Come

After completing my morning tasks, I went to water the plants in the greenhouse. I was a bit concerned about one tray in particular; the seedlings had started to turn yellow

I could no longer ignore the fact that their time had come, and they needed to be transplanted ASAP. I returned to the garden and spent about an hour making final preparations, after which they were transplanted.

I was a bit flexible with the planting plan, since they will be harvests long before the new batch of seedlings are ready to fill their allotted spots.

Cherry Picking Time!

Over the last few weeks I’ve received multiple enquiries about the status of the cherries. I’ve waited patiently to see those red dots sprinkled amidst the leaves. So, I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone, when I expressed the pleasure I felt, filling a bowl with freshly picked cherries.

However, all good things come to an end. This is especially true with cherry harvest, which last about two weeks. This means I’ll have only two weeks to pick as many cherries as possible. I can hardly wait to start juicing.

From Reality To Folklore

As I write the daily pages, of the second play, my mind keeps drifting further and further into the realm of fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, I am ever mindful of the available resources, and as a result, I structure the scenes and interactions accordingly.

However, I can’t help but notice that the story has slight folkloric under tones. As instructed, I will keep it simple, and while I may lack access to a high budget for costume and visual effects, at the moment, nothing can stop me from dropping subtle hints and references here and there.

End Of An Interesting Week

This has been an interesting week to say the least. I am gradually making improvements in various aspects of my life, even though some may not be as evident as others. So far the exercise of making tiny improvements every day seems to be paying dividends. I have a few ideas to brainstorm as we head into a new month. However, all for now it’s time for me to call it a night. Another long, and hopefully productive, day ahead tomorrow.