Chickens, Duck And Website Work

This morning, I was determined to knock a few items off my task list, which I did, eventually. Before I got to it, I glimpsed my arch nemesis from last year, the duck. Let’s just say, I found out, the hard way, how much ducks like lettuce and cucumbers.

After chasing him away, the morning task went smoothly. However, the sun was scotching hot. Good thing I had made up my mind to get started on the weeding, which I did until one section was complete. The chickens were eagerly awaiting their weedy snack.

I did some work on my website, while I waited for the sun to cool down a bit. I’m really pleased by the outcome. With this new page, I can now easily share info about which items I have available at the farm, with my customers .

Once outside cooled down a bit, I returned to the garden. This didn’t take as long as expected, which allowed me time to harvest some beans, which seems to be ready about two weeks earlier than anticipated.

Extreme heat aside, today was pretty nice indeed. I was able to remain focused and worked through some not so ideal conditions. I have some tidying to do in preparation for the official start of harvest, which I look forward to.