Cleaned Coop And Sheet Upgrade

I woke up to a bit of a scare this morning; my phone was dead! Well, not completely; the power button, which had been malfunctioning, had finally given up. However, at 3 am, a sleepy mind is not the most rational. After about an hour of fiddling I found a bit of a software bypass. Then later I had a mini garden photo session to test it out. It works!

It was yet another rainy day today, but I was able to make good use of a short pause. The coop is cleaned! This took most of the morning, and was made possible thanks to the early morning rain freeing up some time and energy, which is usually spent watering plants. I am pleased by the outcome so far.

As I was finishing up with the coop, the clouds opened and the rain came pouring down “bucket a drop”. It seemed almost set on chasing me home, to which I complied. At this point I was pumped; ideas were flowing, but my tablet’s battery was somewhat dead. So I ate lunch, took a breather, then got ready for what was to come.

After my short break, I couldn’t wait for the tablet to charge any longer. I unplugged it and started to construct the new garden record sheet, accord to the idea in my head. I used data of more or less predictable items, from the original data sheet, then modified it where necessary. As of now, most of the data are still a bit incomplete, but the sheet is starting to come together beautifully.

Any further activities for today has been curtailed by the rain. Looks like it means business! This has given me the opportunity to focus on records and website work. In the morning, I’ll do some clean up and possible damage control. All for now, I’ll be tuning off for today.