Coop Cleaning Begins!

This morning, the weather was a bit uncertain, so I decided to work on the planting plan for section 4, as I waited for the weather to make up its mind. While doing this, I realized that I was reusing plants, whose data I had already collected. This presents the perfect opportunity for me to start working on the second stage of the garden planner, which I’ll get started on this weekend.

By the time I was finished with the plan, the sun was out in all its glory. I made a quick stroll around the garden; it really needs a good cleaning. However, today was reserved for the chicken coop. I took a quick pic, which I missed, for yesterday’s entry.

By the time I got to the coop, it was already close to lunch, so I opted to do some harvest prep work instead. Although not glamorous, marketing, processing orders and other customer related interactions are some of the key activities of any business. I’ll focus a bit more on this in the future, after I sort out the production aspect.

After lunch, it was finally time to start cleaning the coop. I had to do a bit more than clean, since I had decided to give the chickens more room to move around. As a result, the first task was to remove the partition, then clear out the used litter. This took a bit more time that expected. Tomorrow, after delivery, I’ll continue cleaning, disinfecting and other preparations.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I take less time to complete routine tasks on the list. As a matter of fact, I am now able to sneak in additional tasks, without affecting others. However, I have to be mindful not to over do it. I am pleased by this observation. It proves that with consistent actions, over time, success is inevitable.