Early Morning Cattle Drama

Today started off with a bit of excitement, as the two visitors from the other day were back. This time, they were up to mischief, in my garden. I’ve not had much experience with cattle, so I tried my best to guide them away from the planting area, without doing more damage.

After some acrobatics on my part; a game of tug of war, which I lost; and some other maneuvering, I was able to escort them across the river and tied them next to, what appears to be, their mother.

In the aftermath, I am grateful that the damage was kept to a minimum. I’ll talk to the owner whenever I get the chance. I’ll just have him pay with a few bags of cow poop. We’re farmers after all.

With that episode behind me, I started to tackle the list, after finishing my morning tasks of course. First order of business was to give the seedlings, in the nursery, some TLC. They have grown nicely over the last few days; should be ready for transplanting soon. I am so thankful they were not on the bed as yet. That was a close call!

Amidst all the drama, time kept ploughing on, but I managed to make the best use of it, I made charcoal! It came out a bit soft, but perfect for the purpose. I intend to make some biochar to add to the compost, which will be used in the new section.

I stubbornly wanted to do some more work, but the rain signaled an end to the day and the return to reason. I need to remember to do today’s work today, and leave what is for tomorrow, for tomorrow. As long as each act I do is a success in itself, while making efficient use of my time, then I can be assured that I have made another step in the right direction.