Filling In The Spaces

Today, I finally got to see one of the major benefits of the new planting system in action; filling in the spaces. After a light application of compost and another home made concoction, in what used to be the Bell Pepper bed, the area was ready for transplants. Now, with them in the ground I eagerly await the data I’m going to collect.

I woke up earlier this morning, determined to test the half hour theory, and was pleased by the outcome. Not only was I able to get the watering completed faster, but was also able to stack two other tasks on top of it. That was awesome, but to ensure of was not a fluke, I’ll have to keep testing a few more times. Once the results are consistent, I will adjust my schedule to suit.

I made a quick trip to town this afternoon. I was able to get all my transactions done relatively fast, since I did not have to waste time in long lines. In order to conserve my mental energy, I had to be extremely mindful of my thoughts. Let’s just say I found myself dismissing questionable actions of individuals, ever so often. I had to Constance remind myself to focus only on what matters to me, the things within my control. That trip was like a mental battlefield!

Minor issues aside, it was a productive day, which is far from over. I now have to get read to assist a friend with an assignment, then head to bed. If tomorrow bears any semblance to today, I should be able to free up enough time, this week, to prepare the coop for the new batch of chicks. In terms of time, I don’t have free spaces to fill here!