From Uncertainty To Clarity

After a week of uncertainty, I was determined to keep focused and not get sidetracked by unforseen circumstances.

Needless to say, they are called unforeseen for a reason.

Nothing could have prepared me for the crazy stuff that transpired.

Another Major Milestone

One of the biggest accomplishments for the week, was the completion of section 4.

I had been struggling to make progress with this for a while, but made the decision to finish working on it, no matter what.

With my mind fixated on getting it ready for planting, even a wild bull could not deter me. More on that story here.

Anyway, I was able to meet the deadline, with time to spare.

While working on this task, I may have gone a bit overboard and definitely overworked myself.

However, sometimes it takes a huge push to get over the final obstacle between you and your goal.

Too Many Late Nights

For some strange reason I found myself going to bed progressively later each night.

This resulted in me feeling sluggish and working slower than usual, which seemed to perpetuate a “time leak”.

Inevitably, my body could not handle it, and required a 4 hours nap, in order to reset.

In hindsight, I noticed a pattern. I experienced these losses in time, momentum and energy after extended phone conversations.

Being a social creature, I may not necessarily cut anyone off altogether, but I will have to monitor and limit the interaction time.

More Than Just Play

As I work in the garden, my mind is usually flooded with ideas.

In the past, this has lead to distractions and in some instances a form of mental fatigue.

However, since engaging in daily writing exercises, I’ve noticed that my mind has been clear to focus on the task at hand.

It seems that by giving my mind a daily creative goal to work on, it is actively filtering random thoughts, trying to piece together a story, in time for me to carry out my writing exercise.

It’s almost like a form of meditation.

When I encounter challenges coming up with a script, it is usually an indication of tiredness or some form or external distraction.

New Month, New Possibilities

With the new month on the horizon, I have some planning to do.

I expect the broiler chicks to arrive tomorrow, which means a few additional daily tasks, among other things.

Ultimately, I plan to keep things simple and keep moving forward, one task at a time.