Hens And Habit Formation?

My hens usually share nesting boxes. Yesterday, for some strange reason, one of the girls stubbornly refused to allow the others to have access. Unfortunately for her, this did not go well with the feisty little one.

Whether she realised it or not, this feisty little hen, was able to check an unfavorable behaviour from becoming a habit. The small act of sitting on her sister’s back, showed her what is in store, if she were to try such an act again. Needless to say, it will not be comfortable at all. Today, I was pleased to see that they were sharing once again.

After some consideration, I decided to put habit training to the test, by working on a goal which I had pushed aside for quite a while. In the nature of Atomic Habits formation, I chose to work on two small, related actions daily; read one unit of a course and write one page of a screenplay, as I work towards completing film training. At this rate, it will take a while to finish, but anything will be better than the alternative; never.

At the end of the day, I am a bit intrigued by the nature and power of habit formation. Seems like it has the potential to open doors to even greater opportunities and future successes. However, as with anything worth pursuing, it requires effort, patience and perseverance, all of which I am willing to give generously.