Inside Work It Is

It rained “bucket a drop” for more or less the entire day, which meant no to most garden activities. Initially, I wanted to play stubborn, but allowed reason to prevail. Besides, I already got away unscaved yesterday, and was not willing to take unnecessary chances.

I took this as an opportunity to get some inside work done. I started with pre-germinating lettuce seed, which I’ll sow tomorrow. Then I had to get started with preparations for the new batch of broiler chicks. Even though they were inside the coop. I still had a distance to walk, after the rain eased up.

As the day progressed, I made a quick stroll to see the status of the garden. Thankfully I only had to lower the ends of the terrace drains, to allow water to flow freely. It seemed like a race against time, but was necessary to prevent a possible overflow. I finished just before another huge downpour.

In the greenhouse, the seedlings are growing beautifully. The mint plant caught my attention, since it seems ready to propagate. I also have some other plants in mind to get cuttings, but they will have to wait a bit. I’ll need to plan and sow the seeds for section 4 first.

Even though I didn’t get a lot of tasks done today, I was reminded to make the best use of time and opportunities when presented. With the day coming to an end I’m going to take a few minutes to plan for tomorrow; whether rain or sun, it will be another wet day. I must ensure to plan tasks accordingly.