It All Adds Up

This morning, I made a delightful discovery while watering plants. Corn is almost ready! At this point I started to pay closer attention to a few other plants such as Tomatoes and Radishes. Seems like I’ll be having some interesting packages in upcoming weeks.

My mind lit up with ideas for my daily script, while I was working in the garden. To say my imagination went wild would be an understatement. However, this gave me an incentive to finish my tasks, as quickly as possible. Writing, for the fun of it, can easily get addictive.

I’ve noticed that I am able to get a lot more done, when I’m not too focus on doing it perfectly. The quality seems to take care of itself, as long as I aim to improve, little by little, over time. I’ve also realized that it is possible to mix and match scripts to create longer plays. This is something I’ve never thought of before. Imagine what I would be able to produce if I had 300, or more, pieces to choose from.

Ultimately, as the saying goes, “one one drop full a bucket”, or in other words, it all adds up. I intend to continue working on my projects little by little, day by day, stacking habits as I go along. It won’t be easy, which is great, since I love a good challenge.