Like The Good Old Days

While I was taking pics of the garden this morning, I felt something like a spark ignite within me. For that brief moment in time, I was viewing the garden like I viewed talents in the good old days. As a “video guy” I was at home behind a camera, saw the world through the lens, and stitched clips together to tell stories. Today I felt that exhilaration flare up within me once again. Maybe I still got it somewhere in there after all.

During the shoot, I noticed that some of the plants had started to flower, which was my cue to apply some water soluble calcium. Even though the soil in the garden seems extremely rich, something is preventing the uptake of certain nutrients, by some plants. I have a suspicion that the continuous 90° or higher days have something to do with it. I’ll be monitoring the performance to see if the solution helps, then update the records accordingly.

After that session, it was back to work. The lettuce seeds had sprouted; time to sow them. This did not take long. However, I ended up with a few extra seeds. I figure I’ll do a bit of an experiment, if they are still ok tomorrow.

My attempt to clean the broiler coop was cut short, due to lack of some much needed supplies. This meant a quick trip to town; I dread the thought. As expected, this was enough to drain me. By the time I returned, I was unable to continue cleaning. Instead, I decided to do some minor tasks around the garden, such as tie tomato plants to their supports.

I felt like I needed a mental boost of some sort, by the end of the day. I’m not 100 percent sure if it was indeed the trip to town that did it, and not going to waste energy pondering over which events may have contributed to the mental drain. Instead, I hope that a good night’s rest will do the trick. All for now, I’m going to prepare for bed. I have a long day ahead of me, weather permitting.