Little Change Huge Outcomes

I got the most amazing pic of the garden today, and all it took was a slight change in perspective, and some hard work. Who am I trying to kid? It took a huge perspective change. It required that I put in the effort to try the new angle, and I am glad I did. It was awesome!

In art as in life you have to be open to new opportunities and willing to put in the effort to actually try, at the risk of failure. Depending on the outcome, you might be considered a lunatic or a genius, by onlookers.

To think this all started with the pic of a sunflower. Today, the garden was radiating beauty. Maybe the rain had a bit to do with. In the case of the sunflower I got a lovely, low angle shot. What am I saying? I’m short! The sunflower made a lovely subject. Hope to get a lot of seeds.

Even though today was a bit hectic, I was too mesmerized by the beauty of the garden, after the rain, to be discouraged. Instead I felt pumped, even with little sleep from last night. On that note, I’d better call it a night. Tomorrow his another day.