Mental Block And Mini Milestones

This evening, I had a bit of a mental block, since I had so much to be thankful for, that I did not know where to start. Surprisingly, I was able to complete about 10 out of 11 tasks listed, even with a trip to town.

I was able to meet my first financial mini milestone today. This meant I had to go to the bank, but the trip was worth it. By the time I returned home there was not much time remaining, so I did lighter tasks such as updating records, tidying greenhouse and later pick beans.

Strangely, even after the trip to town, I still had energy to work, both on the website and in the garden. I am not certain if this had to do with the short wait time in the bus, or excitement from the accomplishment. Either way, I did not feel burnt out as usual.

I am really pleased with the tasks I was able to complete today, this was possibly because I did a mental walk through of the day and assigned tasks accordingly. However, I need to keep better track of my progress. I am going to create a task tracker spreadsheet in attempt to accomplish this