Throughout the years I searched for “success”, without having the slightest clue what it meant to me. I tried so many things, some of which yielded massive returns, but ultimately resulted in me having to start from scratch, time and time again. At times I felt like the following was directed at me.

A man without a plan to follow is like a ship without a course; no place to go with disaster a probability.

Napoleon Hill

Eventually I realized that this aimless wandering was not sustainable and could only lead to one thing, burn out. It was then that I decided to figure out what really mattered to me.

After much reflection, I came to the conclusion that in order for me to truly be successful, I would have to ensure that my basic needs are taken care off. From this premise, I formulated my Primary Aim and a general plan to achieve it.

To put simply, my Primary Aim in life is,

To make life enjoyably sustainable in the long term.

I included the word enjoyably because I believe that life should be more than just about survival. Ideally, each person should be able to have the freedom to do and experience things that spark joy, while working on their Definite Major Purpose.

In keeping with this notion of freedom, I chose a path which enables me to partake in activities I am passionate about such as gardening, filmmaking, teaching and other creative activities.

To achieve this aim, I intend

To create an integrated agri-centered system, which is capable of generating a continuous supply of food, renewable energy and income, while enhancing the environment in which it operates.

The system seeks to enhance life by catering to basic needs, namely

Food, Shelter, Transportation, Education, Finance and, to a lesser extent, Clothing.

The values around which my primary aim revolve are

Freedom, Efficiency, Collaboration, Perseverance, Fairness and Serenity.

I am fully aware of my limitations in knowledge and experience . However, I am currently working towards acquiring both, by developing a prototype of this system. I document this journey on my blog.

I believe that I will achieve this aim, which is now awaiting actualization, in the proportion and at the time I deliver the services I intend to render, in return for it.