My Schedule Fell Apart!

I am pleased with the progress I’ve made over the last week. However, there is a lot of room for improvement. I partially lost control of my schedule, which resulted in lost of sleep trying to complete various tasks. Even though I was able to complete most of tasks eventually, I felt unbalanced; like I dropped the ball big time.

The most time consuming thing for the week was watering of plants. The dry season came upon us with a vengeance. The daily temperatures averaged over 30°C, without any rainfall. This resulted in me spending 2 to 3 hours per day hand watering plants; pushing the schedule back by about 2 hours or so. I am grateful that I had the energy to do this, and that the plants did not suffer too much; they even provided me with a bountiful harvest.

Amidst temperature spike, I’ve had to water the Rosemary Plants daily. They have more or less outgrown their pots and need more space to spread their roots. This made me think about my journey so far. While at times I may like to believe that I have outgrown a certain situation or environment, in most cases the jarring, undeniable proof of growth was not present. This will come eventually as long as I persist. Change is inevitable!

For the entire week I kept losing track of my task list. While I was completing tasks, I often found myself wondering how much more work I had to do for the week. I figure that this can be rectified by creating a bit of a weekly task checklist in spreadsheet to record my progress.

In all the chaos, I was able to stay calm and focused on the tasks at hand. Listening to positive audio books helped, but the practice of only focusing on what I can control seems like the most help to me. With this in mind I was able to feel tranquil even with the cattle issue and some failing plants.

I really did not expect the number of loose livestock entering my garden nor the extreme heat. However, in both cases I accepted that these were neither good nor bad, but things that happen, and were out of my control. As a result I need not worry or make a big deal about them.

All in all, it was a productive week, with a few exciting episodes, but nothing to complain about. I made up for some lost sleep this afternoon, and feel a lot better now. Before bed I’ll try to jot down a quick plan for the week, and refine it in the morning. Let’s see how effective I’ll be in taming the chaos.