New Tomato Support Prototype Installed

I really like the new tomato support structure design. I like to refer to it as a prototype, since that’s more or less what it is, but it also make me feel like an inventor. Anyway, initially I wanted to see how closely I could grow bush tomatoes, with proper support. It seems like this design is a lot more sturdy than the A-Frame I used for the cucumbers.

Think I got a bit ahead of myself there. Let’s start at the beginning.

I had a fruitful start to the day, pun intended. As I walked outside, I noticed a bunch of rock fig had started to turn yellow. I didn’t give the birds a chance to confirm their ripeness.

With the bunch picked and unhanded, I was off to the garden to carry out my morning tasks. They seem to flow smoothly for some reason.

The weather was beautiful, so I made the best of it. I transplanted some sun flowers, seasoning peppers and even had time to build the support structure for the tomatoes a. Now, I only have the cucumbers to transplant now. Will decide on a trellis design by the end of the day.

As usual, the time flew by quickly, but I am really pleased with the amount of work I was able to complete. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.