Not All Smooth Sailing

I woke up this morning brimming with energy and ready to wrap up my tasks for the week. One of the main tasks was to add and turn materials in the chicken coop. For me, this only meant a few trips to the nearby forested area and a few minutes turning the material, but to the chicks it meant the world.

While reviewing the past week, I realised that I had gotten so much done, despite feeling extremely tired at times. I believe that the main reason for this was my Task Tracker. It provided clear objectives for me to accomplish, which helped to keep me focused.

Unfortunately, it was not all smooth sailing. As mentioned before, I was often tired; performing far from my best. This was due to an interruption in my sleep pattern. The activity which suffered the most was my workout routine. I have to work on that this week.

Making the time to blog, on a daily basis, has helped me to become more mindful of my thoughts and actions, as well as more aware of my environment. Seems like I am constantly on the look out for something to document and share. I’m also motivated to ensure that my completed tasks meet a standard I deem worthy of sharing. In a way, my blog has become a bit of an accountability buddy.

After all is said and done, I must admit that this has been a wonderful, productive week. Yes, I encountered some unexpected trials and demanding activities, but I overcame each and now I am better for having done so. In the upcoming week, I intend to make use of these experiences and work even harder to advance towards my goals.