One For The Books, Take Two!

After the somewhat surreal events of yesterday, I woke up ready to make today count. Unfortunately, it was after 3am and I could not fall back to sleep. Fast forward three hours and a half, I had an amazing start to the day, with the completion of my morning routine.

I decided to pick up where I left off yesterday. This time I left home early, in order to avoid any unnecessary delays in traffic. In doing so, I arrived at my destination full of energy. This was evident in a quick negotiation, which resulted in me not having to search for transportation.

After dropping the supplies home, I headed back to town to place the order for the day old chicks. When I was about to do so, I was told that the card machine was still broken. I was about to head to the ATM, but to my surprise I had almost the exact money in my wallet to pay for the chicks, new price and all. I was on a roll!

This was definitely a day for the books! One whose little wins I decided to celebrate, by treating myself to an ice cream cone, or three. After 3 hours walking up and down a hill, transporting bags of shaving, I don’t think the calories actually made a difference.

Now, that today has come to an end, I look back at it with a smile. There were many opportunities for me to make a fuss, but the experiences from yesterday had opened my eyes and mind to seeking simple solutions to inevitable challenges I would encounter. I am tired, but not burned out. Time to call it a night!