One Task At A Time

This morning, I woke up feeling tired and a bit on edge; constantly looking outside. I felt a lot better, after completing my morning workout. Just as I was about to relax and let my guard down, the unwelcomed visitor arrived.

Is this the end of the saga?

As I approached the garden, I was greeted by the staring eyes of the white and black bull. It appeared as if he was waiting for me to escort him across the river. So, we went through the normal routine, but for some strange reason he seemed a bit curious, almost as if he wanted to play. Later, I found out that this huge bull is in fact a calf.

Throughout the course of the day, he kept returning, which was a bit of a distraction. Thankfully, I heard some chopping in the distance, which turned out to be his owner. We had a nice little chat about his plans for his land and he gladly agreed to tie the black and white calf tomorrow.

Preparations have began!

After returning the calf, I was able to get some more prep work done on section 4. Rain has not fallen in a few days, which meant I had to make a few trips to the river, since I intended to soften the soil.

The moisture makes lighter work of the otherwise laborious task of braking up the clumps of soil. Now, that it has been smooth, I can apply compost and other amendments. I really need to get those seedlings started.

Roast Corn Party!

At the end of the day, I happily agreed to a mini roast corn party. I don’t have suitable charcoal, so I gave the fireside method a try. It works! The corn tasted great!

I’m looking forward to trying this again soon. I was also encouraged to make use of some empty beds, by planting some more corn. This is a great idea, since it will be harvested long before I am actually ready, to prepare that section properly.

Bridge Sequences Complete

I didn’t take long to complete work on the two bridge sequences. However, afterwards I was engaged in an epic internal debate about writing another screenplay today. I resisted the urge and decided to stick to the plan of one per day.

While it would be nice to boast of writing three scripts in one day, at this point, I am fully aware that this would not be sustainable. The aim is to develop a long term habit, not to get a one off high.

One Task At A Time

Minor hiccups aside, today ended up being truly productive. As I write this entry, I am delighted by how my writing has evolved over the last few weeks. Going forward, I know I have to keep working and improving. I have a lot of things to do, but as I’ve learned, it’s best to approach multiple goals, one task at a time.