Opportunity Or Distraction In Disguise?

A few days ago an opportunity of a lifetime fell into my lap? Well, more like, it was sent to my phone.

Basically, I got another chance at grant funding for a project; which very nature encompasses the criteria to qualify for the funding. That’s great! It’s how the project got started after all.

Free money” to advance my project? Well not exactly.

As with anything in life, you have to weigh the pros and the cons. What is the cost of this opportunity?

In my case, it could mean, having to start from square one all again. How so? Time

The time it takes for the business development training, meetings, workshops and other pre-requisite activities, could be detrimental to the momentum I had spent the last year building.

Does this mean that the opportunity is no good? Absolutely not! In fact, it is an amazing opportunity to anyone who has not yet started or already have everything in place; including a team or staff, that can keep things moving forward during the time they’re away for training?

Not everything that doesn’t benefit you, at a particular point in time, is necessarily bad.

Even though I will not take this opportunity, I am glad that it came at this point in time. It allowed me to reflect on my progress and get some clarity on the future of my project and what steps I need to take next…

Now the real work begins. Time to wrap up Phase One, so I can have some fun in Phase Two.

Talking about the Project, I really need to put together a project page on this site to track my progress. How’s that for an idea?

It’s hot outside, so I figure I’ll take a break from the garden to gather some of update pics, to start working on the project page later today.

With that being said, let’s call this a wrap, so I can start working on that page.