Perfect End To A Rainy Week

It is yet another rainy day, which is a perfect incentive to rest and reflect on the past week. However, before doing so, I had a few quick unforeseen tasks to take care of; the rain and wind did a number on the greenhouse, among other things. Thankfully repairs didn’t take too long and was back inside before another downpour.

Looking back at the work done over the past week, I am a bit surprised. Despite the inclement weather, I was able to keep focused and knock tasks off the list daily. In fact, I even got to complete work on the broiler coop, which had been repeatedly pushed back over the last few weeks.

My decision to complete the prototype, by the end of this year, seems to have played a major role in “lighting a fire” beneath me. Until this point, I had not set a definite deadline. However, the more I work, the more confident I am becoming in my ability to handle even greater tasks. I am well aware of my limitations and making every effort to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to keep moving forward.

In reviewing the progress made on the blog so far, I am compelled to express heartfelt appreciation to a dear friend, who assisted, albeit indirectly, in its development. By applying the writing advice I gave, while assisting with her assignments, I was able to develop a system and habit for daily journaling. Thank you Curlyn! This daily habit has really helped to keep me focused, motivated and accountable. As a result, I’ve been able to generate a little momentum, which I intend to make every effort to build upon.

With the morning coming to an end, I am going to prepare for today’s scheduled afternoon tasks; rest and relaxation. I don’t know what the new week will bring, but I intend to face it well rested and rejuvenated. Besides, there is no way I’m going to waste a chance to take a nap on this rainy day.