Picking Up The Pace

Today was a bit hectic, but productive nonetheless. I was able to tidy up the beds, which should allow better air flow through some of the crops.

Afterwards, I noticed two cute, curious, little lambs. Their mother was tied nearby. However, they had set out to explore and taken a liking to the water grass growing between the banana trees. I still kept an eye on them though, better safe than sorry.

With harvest day drawing near, I decided to share the availability list. I had a few minor adjustments to make to the page; easy fixes.

After months of waiting, I finally had most of the ingredients ready to make a batch of green seasoning, back to the garden I went. Good thing I did, let’s just say some customers will be really happy on Friday.

At the end of the day, I am pleased by what I’ve gotten done. Seems like many tasks are intertwined, resulting in a bit of a snowball effect; picking up momentum with each successful completion.