Possible Solution Through Observation

It’s great being able to take a few minutes to chat with friends, read a good book and take a few hours rest, after a hard week’s work. What’s even better is the satisfaction of knowing that you have made the best use of your time during that week. For this, I am grateful.

I’ll be the first to admit that this week was anything but smooth sailing. I made the choice to assist a friend with her assignments, which took me past my bedtime, due to differences in timezones. This resulted in me feeling sluggish almost every day. However, I was determined to do my best, and with my new Task Tracker in tow, I was able to remain focused and keep plodding forward. In fact, I was able to complete 26 out of 31 tasks on the list.

Due to the lack of rainfall and scotching heat, I had to water plants daily, which took about 3 to 4 hours, depending on how I felt. Watering plants in the hot sun, is like paying penance, but I may have found a ray of hope. One day, I made a bit of observation; it took me less than two hours to water the same area, when I started about half and hour earlier. Seems like I am able to get a lot more done, before the sun comes bearing down on me.

This week I intend to put this half hour theory to the test, by slightly modifying my schedule. This will require that I resort to the old adage, early to bed, early to rise. Once I can finished watering plants about 8 o’clock, I should have the time and energy to get other tasks done more efficiently.

During this week I was able to transfer my Primary Aim to my website. This aim has been like a guiding beacon in the midst of an otherwise uncertain game called life. By focusing on it, I have been able to identify and develop various habits and mindsets which have aided in carrying me this far and continue to propel me even further daily.

All in all, this was a productive and enlightening week. I was able to accomplish quite a bit, despite how I felt at times. Even though I did not complete every item on my list, in the upcoming week I intend to make every effort to do just that, since I am now aware that it is possible.