Reflection And Garden Update April 2021

With this week just about over, it’s time to start planning for the next. I don’t have many tasks to carry over, so I’ll be able to focus on clearing a new task list, which more or less focuses on the new planting section.

I got a nice little surprise when I was passing by some beans; seems like they’ll be ready by next week. I really wasn’t expecting them, so decided to take a look at the other crops as well. I ended up with a mini photo gallery.

As it turns out, days to harvest are a lot shorter than anticipated, which may be due in part to the difference in temperature. I will continue to collect data over the next few months; this will come in handy for future experiments.

This has been one of the most productive weeks for the year so far, even though I was not able to complete every single item on my task list. I am pleased at how far the garden has progressed, as well as for the important reminder to pace myself.