Section Four Cleared!

This morning I set out to clear section 4 and that I did, with time to spare. At a point I wanted to take a break, but resolved to work through it. Tired and partially dehydrated, I was determined to take a success pic before lunch, and here it is.

I figure that the desire for that pic spurred me on, even when I was tempted to lose focus. Sometimes, seemingly little, insignificant goals can yield massive results. Never discount them!

It seems like with every task completed momentum is starting to build. Of course it’s early in the game, so I have to keep pushing forward. In doing so, I will be in a position to “catch mo” when it arrives.

One major drawback was the fact that there wasn’t any water in the tap again; second day in a row. As an result I ran out of drinking water, hence the slight dehydration mentioned earlier. I have a few more garden tasks to complete, but not sure if it would be wise to continue. Figure I’ll have to boil some stored water later. Got to do, what I got to do!

Anyway, if I’m feeling this hot I can only imagine how it is for the plants and chickens. I’m going to check up on them again, to ensure all is well. So, back to work, let’s see what the afternoon session yields.