So Long Rosemary!

After months of TLC, I parted ways with my first potted Rosemary plant. In doing so, I found myself giving the new caretaker a mini lecture on how to tend to the needs of the plant; from watering, to transplanting, to pruning. I’m sure they must have been wondering why I was acting like a doting parent, dropping their kid off to day care, for the first time.

While choosing the Rosemary plant, I noticed that the seedlings are now ready to transplant. The beds are already prepared for them, so will have to transplant them within the next few days.

For now it’s all about filling in the spaces and formulating a stable, consistent schedule. Even though it’s taking its sweet time, I’m glad to see how everything is coming together.

I found myself barely completing my morning tasks, especially the watering aspect. I really need to look into getting a simple irrigation system to assist with the garden. I felt drained and the sun did not help the situation. However, I finished all morning tasks in time to prepare packages for delivery among other things.

All in all, I am pleased about how the events unfolded today. I may not have been able to do many additional tasks, due to time and energy constraints, but I still managed to inch a few steps forward. I need to get as much rest as possible over the next few hours. From all indications, next week will be crazy hectic, with countless tasks to tackle.