Something You Just Don’t See Everyday

Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any stranger, there it was staring at me from across the river.

After being interrupted from transplanting, yet again, I went to take a look at the next section. While doing this, I heard leaves and twigs crackling. Then I glimpsed a huge white and black object moving in the distance, through the trees.

I decided to take a closer look and low and behold there they were, two huge cows walking towards the river, from up the mountain.

This was my first time ever seeing a black and white cow in real life. On second thought, I believe it was a bull, not a cow after all. Well, cattle nonetheless.

I looked around for their owner, but there was no one in sight. Guess they were just out for a stroll. I waited until they went further up the river before returning to the garden.

With the excitement out of the way, it was back to work. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for me, down came the rain. That was an end to garden work for the day.