Striking A Balance?

Had a 10 minutes delay to start the day, but kept building from there. I was able to complete the morning routine with enough time to sneak in a 40 mins assignment. It is too early to tell if I am back on track, but it felt like a great start.

After watering plants, I got started on terrace 4. I have 7 days to meet the deadline and consider today a nice start in the right direction. I was able to clear and fork one section, with two more to go.

While canvassing, I noticed that some of the crops have developed quite a bit. A perfect example, is that of the corn, which seems almost ready for roasting. They keep calling out to me! I’ll give them a few more days then harvest the entire lot.

I was able to strike a balance today. I took some time to assist my mom, write my screenplay and even called a few friends; it is a holiday after all. Screenplay writing seems to act almost as a form of therapy for me. After drawing from experiences with one of my friends, I had a wonderful conversation with her. This is some powerful stuff!

As the day approaches its end, I can say that I am truly pleased for all the events and interactions that made today special. I feel privileged to have gotten the chance to experience life and all that it entails. I feel awesome!