Success After Countless Trials

Last year, one of my most popular veggies became next to impossible to grow properly after a while. I tried just about everything, within my power and available resources, but all for not. Now, today, after 6+ months of countless experiments, I’ve finally been able to supply red lettuce to my customers. Persistence really pays off in due time.

I am truly delighted by the way in which the day turned out. I am grateful for being able to harvest without much loss and deliver without a hassle. I guess due in part to this positive, relaxed energy I was able to interact enthusiastically to my customers and friends, who mirrored this energy. I even got a tip!

On the downside, some plants suffered a bit of heat stress, while I was harvesting and packaging items. I was able to intervene before any damage was done, but I believe this could have been avoided, if I had completed the pre-harvest watering routine, the prior evening.

Moving forward, I believe I need to keep better track of the items on the list and be more consistent in my record keeping. As in the case of the other records, I can place the task list on a spread sheet, where I would have the ability to indicate when a task is completed. I need to make stronger efforts to keep better account of my progress so far.