Summary Of First Quarter Progress 2021

It’s the end of the first quarter and time to check in on my Business Plan to see what progress I’ve made towards my goals over the last 90+ days.

In terms of business, I am off to a bit of a slow start, then again so was the tortoise. I’ve spent much of the time during the first few months doing mini experiments in soil preparation and planting techniques, while collecting data to aid in increasing production. The results so far look promising, and now it’s time to put it to the test.

Financially, I’ve been able to actually save at least 10% of my income, as I had planned. This is motivation in itself, as I treat the bank balance as a game, my personal little “stock market”.

For the first time I’ve been consistent in keeping my records up to date, which in itself feels like a huge accomplishment. I have a much better grasp on finance management now, but also realize that I am just scratching the surface.

I took my measurements this morning, and feel pleased by the results of my efforts. It’s nothing like those transformations on YouTube, but I have inched closer to my Ideal Proportions goal.

I figured that measuring my Personal Development goal would have been a bit of a challenge, since by its very nature it has to do with internal changes. Then I realized that this very blog is as a result of some of the habits that I have been working on. Guess as much thoughts really cause ripple effects in the physical realm after all.

Now as I prepare to enter the next quarter, I intend to keep pushing forward. I know there is a lot of work to do, but as I have learned, I am able to handle virtually any task at hand; even if I need to seek additional information or assistance to do so, I will get it done.