All Was Not Lost

After two weeks of waiting and an awesome start to the day, the chicks were on their way; or so I thought. Unfortunately, Murphy had a thing or two to say about that. Not quite as planned Thanks to last night’s rain, I got a head start on my daily tasks, which were done in … Read more

From Uncertainty To Clarity

After a week of uncertainty, I was determined to keep focused and not get sidetracked by unforseen circumstances. Needless to say, they are called unforeseen for a reason. Nothing could have prepared me for the crazy stuff that transpired. Another Major Milestone One of the biggest accomplishments for the week, was the completion of section … Read more

Cherries Are Ready!

Today, I was debating whether I should take it easy or not. However, on closer examination of the lettuce seedlings, it was clear that I needed to act fast. The Time Had Come After completing my morning tasks, I went to water the plants in the greenhouse. I was a bit concerned about one tray … Read more

Embracing The Downtime

The consecutive task filled days and back to back late nights, took their toll on my body big time. Long story short, there is a time for work, but today was not it, I was tired! I spent some time in the greenhouse, preparing seedlings for transplant, which I had intended to o this afternoon. … Read more

Testament To My Determination

After four hours, 500 Lbs and countless trips later, it was finally ready. I think I am getting ahead of myself. Could as well I take it from the top. One for the road I felt a bit at ease this morning, since I heard the voice of the young bull’s owner, in the distance. … Read more

One Task At A Time

This morning, I woke up feeling tired and a bit on edge; constantly looking outside. I felt a lot better, after completing my morning workout. Just as I was about to relax and let my guard down, the unwelcomed visitor arrived. Is this the end of the saga? As I approached the garden, I was … Read more