Clear Habit Development?

I was playing cat and mouse with the weather this morning, when I made a startling discovery. Seems like Smurfs erected a village in my garden. I tried my best, but to no avail, to get some pictures of the new residents. This warrants further investigation. All fun and jokes aside, today was amusingly productive. … Read more

Cleaned Coop And Sheet Upgrade

I woke up to a bit of a scare this morning; my phone was dead! Well, not completely; the power button, which had been malfunctioning, had finally given up. However, at 3 am, a sleepy mind is not the most rational. After about an hour of fiddling I found a bit of a software bypass. … Read more

Time To Take It Up A Notch!

Today I was reminded why I don’t like to sit around doing nothing; I always get so hungry! Harvest went great, even had a new addition to the list. However, I had to wait home for customers to come collect, which meant I couldn’t do work on the coop. Nevertheless I still managed to sneak … Read more

Coop Cleaning Begins!

This morning, the weather was a bit uncertain, so I decided to work on the planting plan for section 4, as I waited for the weather to make up its mind. While doing this, I realized that I was reusing plants, whose data I had already collected. This presents the perfect opportunity for me to … Read more

Like The Good Old Days

While I was taking pics of the garden this morning, I felt something like a spark ignite within me. For that brief moment in time, I was viewing the garden like I viewed talents in the good old days. As a “video guy” I was at home behind a camera, saw the world through the … Read more

Inside Work It Is

It rained “bucket a drop” for more or less the entire day, which meant no to most garden activities. Initially, I wanted to play stubborn, but allowed reason to prevail. Besides, I already got away unscaved yesterday, and was not willing to take unnecessary chances. I took this as an opportunity to get some inside … Read more

Perfect Conditions For Plants

After a taxing foreday morning emergency, my body was drained from lack of sleep. As my workout time drew to an end, I had not been able to do so much as my stretch routine. I decided to forgo any attempt at salvaging the workout and go all out on my tasks. Then the rain … Read more