Beyond My Allotted Time

Since last night, I knew that today was going to be eventful, but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the day I had. At this point, you’d think nothing, around here, could surprise me, but it just keeps getting stranger every time. Section 4 Finished! After my morning routine, I went to … Read more

Striking A Balance?

Had a 10 minutes delay to start the day, but kept building from there. I was able to complete the morning routine with enough time to sneak in a 40 mins assignment. It is too early to tell if I am back on track, but it felt like a great start. After watering plants, I … Read more

All Is Not Lost

The week was off to a bumper start once again, until it hit a bit of a snag, which derailed plans for the latter half. The events that unfolded acted as a strong reminder of how little really is in my control. Even though I was quick to accept the situation for what it was, … Read more

Waste Not Want Not

Today, I had to wait yet again for the chicks, which did not show up. During this time I felt drained. Uncertainty and idle time are like Kryptonite to me. However, I mustered up some energy, from deep in my reserves, to assist my mom with some drafting. Like me, mom has been busy over … Read more

Be Grateful For All Experiences

Today, I had yet another successful harvest. It was a bit smaller than usual, but the customers were extremely appreciative nonetheless, which made my day. After the delivery, I was a bit grounded, awaiting updates about the chicks, which did not come. However, all was not lost. I tried to make the best use of … Read more

The Wait Is On

I had an awesome early morning farm visit by my extension officer. Coincidentally, even some crops and insects were cooperative in the demonstration. While some of my techniques fall slightly outside those promoted by the ministry, it is great having such resourceful people interested in the success of my project. I am truly grateful for … Read more

It All Adds Up

This morning, I made a delightful discovery while watering plants. Corn is almost ready! At this point I started to pay closer attention to a few other plants such as Tomatoes and Radishes. Seems like I’ll be having some interesting packages in upcoming weeks. My mind lit up with ideas for my daily script, while … Read more