Filling In The Spaces

Today, I finally got to see one of the major benefits of the new planting system in action; filling in the spaces. After a light application of compost and another home made concoction, in what used to be the Bell Pepper bed, the area was ready for transplants. Now, with them in the ground I … Read more

So Long Rosemary!

After months of TLC, I parted ways with my first potted Rosemary plant. In doing so, I found myself giving the new caretaker a mini lecture on how to tend to the needs of the plant; from watering, to transplanting, to pruning. I’m sure they must have been wondering why I was acting like a … Read more

Almost Two Years In The Making

I’ve been looking forward to this day for almost two years now. Today’s harvest finally has a semblance of my ideal vision for a veggie basket. I made a slight change to the pricing and enjoyed watching on as my customers mixed and matched items to create their baskets. I was able to get everything … Read more

Section Four Cleared!

This morning I set out to clear section 4 and that I did, with time to spare. At a point I wanted to take a break, but resolved to work through it. Tired and partially dehydrated, I was determined to take a success pic before lunch, and here it is. I figure that the desire … Read more

A Small Price To Pay

Time seemed anything but constant today. At one point it was at a crawl; I got so much done, then in the blink of an eye 2 hours had flown by without a clue of what happened. Despite the time issue, I was finally able to clean and tidy the garden beds. I had to … Read more

Unforseen Diversions And Task Tracker

Today was ladened with unforeseen diversions, but was not wasted. After receiving word that the landscaping team were coming today, I had to make a few preparations, which took up a good portion of the morning. They did a stellar job and I am quite pleased by the results, and the chickens are not complaining … Read more

My Schedule Fell Apart!

I am pleased with the progress I’ve made over the last week. However, there is a lot of room for improvement. I partially lost control of my schedule, which resulted in lost of sleep trying to complete various tasks. Even though I was able to complete most of tasks eventually, I felt unbalanced; like I … Read more