Unplanned Package And Pleasant Surprise

The other evening, I got an unexpected, but welcomed message from a customer, who was enquiring about available items for this week. I couldn’t think of much at the moment, since harvest is scheduled to begin next week. However, it just so happens that I was able to provide the items she wanted. With her … Read more

New Tomato Support Prototype Installed

I really like the new tomato support structure design. I like to refer to it as a prototype, since that’s more or less what it is, but it also make me feel like an inventor. Anyway, initially I wanted to see how closely I could grow bush tomatoes, with proper support. It seems like this … Read more

Something You Just Don’t See Everyday

Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any stranger, there it was staring at me from across the river. After being interrupted from transplanting, yet again, I went to take a look at the next section. While doing this, I heard leaves and twigs crackling. Then I glimpsed a huge white and black object … Read more

Playing Cat And Mouse With The Rain

Seems like I am playing cat and mouse with the rain today. Yes, you guessed it, I’m rained in again, but not before I got some transplanting done. The chickens got the day off to an interesting start. I’m not sure which one actually did it, but one of the hens made a neat little … Read more

Weird Lights And Strange Weather

Last night I was awakened by a loud hissing sound and bright red lights. I opened the window to investigate, but everything went pitch black. The entire neighborhood was in complete darkness, as far I I could see, since electricity was off. At that point, with sleep in my eyes, I lost interest and went … Read more

Seedling Doing A Happy Dance?

I’ve wanted to thin a few trays of seedlings for the last few days, but decided to prick them out today instead. I did this mainly to save a few red cabbages, since I ran out of seeds. However, I also noticed a few others that could do with some attention. Even though the surface … Read more