From Uncertainty To Clarity

After a week of uncertainty, I was determined to keep focused and not get sidetracked by unforseen circumstances. Needless to say, they are called unforeseen for a reason. Nothing could have prepared me for the crazy stuff that transpired. Another Major Milestone One of the biggest accomplishments for the week, was the completion of section … Read more

Cherries Are Ready!

Today, I was debating whether I should take it easy or not. However, on closer examination of the lettuce seedlings, it was clear that I needed to act fast. The Time Had Come After completing my morning tasks, I went to water the plants in the greenhouse. I was a bit concerned about one tray … Read more

Testament To My Determination

After four hours, 500 Lbs and countless trips later, it was finally ready. I think I am getting ahead of myself. Could as well I take it from the top. One for the road I felt a bit at ease this morning, since I heard the voice of the young bull’s owner, in the distance. … Read more

One Task At A Time

This morning, I woke up feeling tired and a bit on edge; constantly looking outside. I felt a lot better, after completing my morning workout. Just as I was about to relax and let my guard down, the unwelcomed visitor arrived. Is this the end of the saga? As I approached the garden, I was … Read more

Waste Not Want Not

Today, I had to wait yet again for the chicks, which did not show up. During this time I felt drained. Uncertainty and idle time are like Kryptonite to me. However, I mustered up some energy, from deep in my reserves, to assist my mom with some drafting. Like me, mom has been busy over … Read more

Be Grateful For All Experiences

Today, I had yet another successful harvest. It was a bit smaller than usual, but the customers were extremely appreciative nonetheless, which made my day. After the delivery, I was a bit grounded, awaiting updates about the chicks, which did not come. However, all was not lost. I tried to make the best use of … Read more

The Wait Is On

I had an awesome early morning farm visit by my extension officer. Coincidentally, even some crops and insects were cooperative in the demonstration. While some of my techniques fall slightly outside those promoted by the ministry, it is great having such resourceful people interested in the success of my project. I am truly grateful for … Read more