All Was Not Lost

After two weeks of waiting and an awesome start to the day, the chicks were on their way; or so I thought. Unfortunately, Murphy had a thing or two to … Read more

From Uncertainty To Clarity

After a week of uncertainty, I was determined to keep focused and not get sidetracked by unforseen circumstances. Needless to say, they are called unforeseen for a reason. Nothing could … Read more

All Is Not Lost

The week was off to a bumper start once again, until it hit a bit of a snag, which derailed plans for the latter half. The events that unfolded acted … Read more

Waste Not Want Not

Today, I had to wait yet again for the chicks, which did not show up. During this time I felt drained. Uncertainty and idle time are like Kryptonite to me. … Read more

Be Grateful For All Experiences

Today, I had yet another successful harvest. It was a bit smaller than usual, but the customers were extremely appreciative nonetheless, which made my day. After the delivery, I was … Read more