One For The Books, Take Two!

After the somewhat surreal events of yesterday, I woke up ready to make today count. Unfortunately, it was after 3am and I could not fall back to sleep. Fast forward three hours and a half, I had an amazing start to the day, with the completion of my morning routine. I decided to pick up … Read more

One For The Books!

This morning was off to an amazing start, then quickly deteriorated into one of the most surreal days ever. Don’t worry, I wont bore you with the details. Let’s just say, Murphy’s Law was in full effect. However, in hindsight it was quite a learning experience. One of the biggest takeaways from today, was an … Read more

Perfect End To A Rainy Week

It is yet another rainy day, which is a perfect incentive to rest and reflect on the past week. However, before doing so, I had a few quick unforeseen tasks to take care of; the rain and wind did a number on the greenhouse, among other things. Thankfully repairs didn’t take too long and was … Read more

Not All Smooth Sailing

I woke up this morning brimming with energy and ready to wrap up my tasks for the week. One of the main tasks was to add and turn materials in the chicken coop. For me, this only meant a few trips to the nearby forested area and a few minutes turning the material, but to … Read more

Building On Previous Work

This morning, I woke up feeling like I was hit by a train, trampled by horses, then beaten with a stick. However, I was determined to get something done; small as it might be. After eventually completing my morning tasks, it was clear that any additional form of labour intensive tasks was off the table, … Read more

My Day In A Nutshell

Today was one for the books! Harvested plants, went to town to make deliveries, collected materials, returned home to drop off, then back to town; to the bank. It’s month end, so you know what that meant. From there, I went to buy supplies; a new water boots. Afterwards, to the supermarket; more lines. I … Read more

Cabbages Are Ready!

This morning, I noticed that the leaves of the cabbages had started to peel backwards, exposing their hearts. I’m no cabbage expert, but they seem to be inviting me to harvest them. A quick look at my records confirmed my suspicion. Salad anyone? This week’s basket will be beautiful! Thanks to the rain, I did … Read more