Will A Template Approach Make My Blogging Easier?

Over the last few days I’ve started to take some steps towards restructuring my business. However, in the process I have encountered a bit of an issue with content creation.

I have a tendency to consume a lot of time trying to get it right. As a result, i have not been able to stick to my schedule.

I’ve decided to experiment a bit, by creating a rough draft of a template, which I can follow to write this “daily update” post.

How Hard Will It Be To Use The Template?

This morning, I was able to finished the cleaning of the garden beds, then started to prepare the trays for sowing seeds.

While doing this, I only needed to make note of the tasks I had done and take a picture for proof.

Unfortunately, I was not able to sow corn, peas and sorrel as per tradition, since I have not yet prepared the area.

However, I will ensure that I plant some within the month.

In doing this, I realised just how simple it can be to take a note of my daily progress.

I intend to try out this approach and see of if it will maker lighter work of this task.

Will The Template Make My Writing Feel Generic?

At first I was a bit concerned that the template would rob my writing of its uniqueness.

However, now that I don’t have to over think to create a post, I was able to focus more on how I expressed myself.

As an added bonus, I am now able to dedicate a bit more to my daily screenplays and film studies in general.

While it may not be perfect, it showed the benefit of having a systematic approach to tasks. I am actually quite surprised by the time I saved, writing this post.

I am now encouraged to resume work on systematizing the different operational tasks within my prototype, and by extension any future venture.

Final Thoughts

I am grateful that I was able to successfully create a simple template that I can use to write “daily update” styled posts.

I am fully aware that this template is not perfect, and I plan to modify it over time, when necessary.

However, I have been able to write an entire blog in about 50 minutes, which is a lot less than normal. In light of this, I guess I can consider this exercise a success.