Testament To My Determination

After four hours, 500 Lbs and countless trips later, it was finally ready. I think I am getting ahead of myself. Could as well I take it from the top.

One for the road

I felt a bit at ease this morning, since I heard the voice of the young bull’s owner, in the distance. This all changed on my way to the coop, when I noticed some holes in section 4. The young bull had passed across the beds.

I went to take a closer look and realized that he was hidden among the trees, near my garden. I called out to the owner to retrieve him. Strangely enough, it seems like the bull had come to tell me good bye, for now.

Two steps forward, one step back

After they had left, I was “honoured” with the task of fixing the damages, thankfully the crops did not sustain any major damages. An hour later I was in the coop, sifting compost.

The chicks seemed a bit eager to help me “scratch” today. This caused me to be constantly shielding my face as the rooster took to task in the pile. I needed all the help I could get, since the real work lay ahead .

After sifting the compost, I then carried it to section 4. All in all, this took about 500 lbs of compost and 5 hours. This was clearly over doing it, but I am pleased by the final product nonetheless.

Barely Made It

By the time I was able to settle down to write my daily screenplay, I was drained and my mind was blank. With the help of a friend, I managed to get my creative juices flowing once again, albeit slowly.

The final product was not a masterpiece, but a testament to my determination to follow through. This was one more vote confirming that I am a man who does, what he sets out to do. This feels awesome!

All is well that ends well

As I get ready to turn in, I must express my appreciation for all that I was able to accomplish today. At one point, I was even able to enjoy a brief chat with an friend, which motivated me to keep at it.

Even though I am tired, I am going to check up on that friend, and her progress with the assignment. I’ve had to make a few tough decisions, but looking back, it was well worth it after all.